Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much

  • 900+ Employees
  • 6 Manufacturing Units in India.

Welcome to a new and exciting world with Saddles India.

Saddles India is the one of the leading manufacturers of seat covers. It is based in India, with its headquarters at Bangalore. We have over 1000 employees worldwide and is known amongst the major brands for the quality of its products and the flexibility of its manufacturing process.


Trying to respond positively to the expectations of our customers is the cornerstone of the Saddles India Group. This ambition is transmitted by our employees as well as our partners and suppliers.

Saddles India is able to stimulate creativity and initiative among their employees more effectively than others. Beyond helping to trigger the impulse, Saddles India promote their employees to convert delegating ideas into commercial ventures. Most of the Saddles India employees have found success in fostering entrepreneurial activity . Building a culture of entrepreneurship often requires pulling and nudging a variety of other levers as well.

Personal growth is closely linked with company growth at Saddles India .That’s because the company empowers its employees to be ownership driven and ties individual goals to the broader organisational mission. The opportunities to learn are endless. Share new dynamic experiences with co-workers every day. At Saddles India you will embark on an adventurous journey to becoming your best possible self.


What we are looking for

We endeavour to hire people who have an enthusiasm to work, who are willing to learn and share their experiences. At Saddles India we want you to succeed, to push the boundaries and find your own answer.

Our employees share these values:

Team Work
Continuous learning
Planning and Organizing

If you think that you embody the above mentioned qualities, Saddles India is the place to be.

Interview Process

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